Marine Surveying

Our Marine Surveying services include:

Pre-purchase & damage – Private/ Domestic/Commercial Vessels
Performed to ensure vessel is as per the buyers requirements/needs and condition is as advertised. Damage survey carried out for the hull, machinery, superstructure, electrical equipment for repair/insurance claims.

On/off hire – Ocean-going vessels, International/Domestic Commercial
Where a charterer wishes to charter a ship/vessel and man and operate the ship/vessel for a specific period of time, a full on-hire survey is carried out so that at the completion of the charter there is a record of how the vessel was at the time the charterers took possession. The off-hire survey is compared to the on-hire survey to evaluate the difference in condition/equipment.

Marine Insurers including P&I Clubs (general condition, hull, machinery)
Condition of vessel and equipment, evaluated as is seen (prices if required, are current market value for new/used items), condition of hull and machinery for the purpose of property damage/liability/insurance.

Condition of ocean-going vessel machinery, including damage
Evaluation of vessel is in a sea worthy condition and machinery is in order, reporting the facts and assessing damage.

AMSA Surveying of Domestic Commercial Vessel
g – Initial Survey – construction or alteration – hull, deck and superstructure
h – initial Survey – construction or alteration – machinery
j – Initial Survey – construction or alteration – equipment
l – Periodic Survey
o – Survey of Safety Equipment

Small Craft & Recreational Vessel Surveys
Vessel is sound and sea worthy, meets the states/territory safety regulations and manufacturing codes.

Container and Cargo Surveying
Conduct surveys of sea going containers, cargoes loaded and discharged from containers and or deck loaded cargoes. Evaluating and reporting to the client as needed.

Survey at Sea
Survey at Sea is a special negotiated Survey offered by Seaspec Marine Services, where by depending on the items, equipment to be surveyed or type of survey required, the Surveyor will sail with the vessel and carry out the survey between ports; thus reducing time spent in harbour/at anchor accruing port and harbour costs. This survey can only be carried out if the vessel is in a sea worthy state before leaving harbour and special arrangements are agreed upon between the owner and Seaspec Marine Services